Growth Marketing Guide


Keyword Research

  • Know what customers are searching for
  • Update alt text on pictures to explain the significance and type of content
  • Title Tags
    • Your webpage titles should be formatted as follows: Primary Keyword — Secondary Keyword | Company Name
  • Use H1 tags to highlight important keywords for specific content that you intend to promote
  • Include internal links when applicable (E.g. links to an original source)
  • For Reddit
    • A simple google search for <your niche> -inurl:”comments”should reveal a bunch of options: this is where your target audience hangs out, and the place you’ll need to acquaint yourself with.
      • E.g Video Games -inurl:”comments”

Pillar Pages 


In order to rank in search and best answer the new types of queries searchers are submitting, the solution is to use the topic cluster model: Choose the broad topics you want to rank for, then create content based on specific keywords related to that topic that all link to each other, to create broader search engine authority. Using this model, this is what our blog infrastructure looks like now — with specific topics surrounded by blog posts related to the topic, connected to other URLs in the cluster via hyperlinks:


Google Search Statistics


  • Google and Google Images accounts for over 86% of search queries
  • 3.4% of Google AdWords advertisements result in a click
  • 99% of Google videos come from Youtube; accounting for 1.8% of search clicks
  • Images account for 3% of Google clicks
  • How many words does the average desktop vs. mobile searcher use in their queries?
    • According to Jumpshot, a typical searcher uses about 3 words in their search query. Desktop users have a slightly higher query length due to having a slightly higher share of queries of 6 words or more than mobile (16% for desktop vs. 14% for mobile).

Average number of search terms for online search queries in the United States as of August 2017


Additional resources

  1. “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Meerman Scott
  2. “Growth Hacker Marketing” by Ryan Holiday
  3. “The Lean Start-Up” By Eric Ries  
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