Growth Marketing Guide

Which social media platforms should you use to promote the website?

Understanding the strengths of various mediums

  • Blog\Website
    • Your website is going to be the primary source for traffic to arrive at, and experience your company
    • Your website should have minimal clutter in order to allow for a user-friendly experience
    • Highlight and intentionally place Call to Action buttons and information so customers can easily take advantage of your offers and exclusive content.
  • Guest Blogging
    • Find your targets and prepare your pitch
    • Link back to your website and include similar content pieces
  • Social Media Rules (General)
    • 85% Sharing and engaging with audience
    • 10% original content
    • 5% promotion
    • Avoid repeating content on several mediums (pick the most appropriate medium)
    • Posts with people in them generally draw more attention
    • Never deviate from core values, keep content consistent and homogenous (people should be able to quickly identify what service or product you are delivering)
    • Always post content at peak hours (usually 5 or 6 pm, after people get off work)
      • Test a couple different times in order to reach your desired audience
    • Always, always link content back to the website (the website is the where you want everyone to end up)

Leading Global Social Networks 2018 (by active users)

  • Facebook (losing popularity)
    • Facebook is great for connecting with the community
    • Join groups and local news sources to stay up to date with current events
      • Comment sparingly, avoid sales pitches
  • Google +
    • Similar to Facebook in the kinds of content that will be displayed
    • Comparative advantage is the ability to form more personal circles to share content
    • Also, using google products will provide an added boost for google search engine indexing
  • Instagram
    • Instagram is the picture intensive medium (the less text, the better)
    • Communicate your brand and values through pictures (Avoid content that is not related to your brand)
  • Pinterest
    • This is where you are going to want to post your products and display comparative advantages
    • Where is your product being used?
    • Posting how-to guides is great for people who want to learn the functions and installation process
  • Twitter
    • Are you known for pithy quotes? Then Twitter is the spot for you.
  • Linkedin
    • Great for reaching business professionals and trending markets
  • Youtube
    • Is there a process, people, or product that is video worthy?
      • One blender company had a successful media campaign by recording videos of their blender annihilating marbles and other durable objects (the bar for entertainment is pretty low)
      • A man created a video for a technique to quickly husk corn, and people ate it up
  • Quora
    • Great for asking and answering questions related to your niche
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