It feels as if the end is near.

Clouds choking, *cough* lungs

Friends are failing, drinking beer

Cars are stacking—bankers run


Heavy eyes, hiding tears

Children cry, pundits jeer

Institutions: cracked and broke

Pinch the joint — one last toke


Civility breeds. complacency

Disconnected souls: 🡻 Latency

Innovate; till the ship goes down

China’s cheering, as we drown 


Video games and phones distract

Don’t blame Lee for smoking crack;

used to get socked for talking smack.

Children lack … resilience.


Work until flesh falls from bone;

then, send in, Hell-fire drones.

Desensitized — drooling dope;

“Help this man tie his rope.”


It’s not despair, for those who care—

it’s inspiration, to fuel our nation.

Lingering hints of manipulation;

divisiveness bars contemplation

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