Hipster Heaven (Part One)

“Welcome to Hipster Heaven folks

First, some rules, please, no jeering jokes

Second, only Spirits are smoked

If you have weed, we’ll take a toke

Trust-fund babies, bums in boxes

Blue-collar-bouje paradox

Patterned socks, sucking cocks

Mouth agape, kicking rocks

Buddha bowl eating, zafu sleeping

Single-origin bean, cafe creeping

Fully tatted, tea steeping

Thrift whore, torn drawers, 

tweaking — slowly sinking

Spliff smoking sirens

Metal laden maidens

Hair-dyed heroines

Non-binary scissoring

Craft beer craving

Lo-fi raving

PETA chirping

Trump hate twerking

Only Black Lives matter

Covered in “Pink Matter”,

Religionless satyrs

Excuse me sir,

Only lesbians can sit here

Overpriced ice cream with sprinkles

Those overalls won’t hide those cankles

Why so mad? No need to rankle

Victor Frankl’s, at your ankles

Be warned,

Mushroom mashing might

lead to jealous spite

white knight sodomites;

and poly pillow bites”

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