Death to Kohler

Angels have come, from across the land

 With deep pockets and outstretched hands

“Gather round, creative ones; 

We’ll buy your gags, just for fun.”

Some will win, but most will lose

Modesty dangles from a noose 

Teslas zipping, while drivers snooze 

Sheeps bleat for blacks—they aren’t amused 

When times get tough: loot and run

Destroying minorities’ business funds

“Please send checks, to buy more stuff”

Debt digging deeper, time to bluff

Default and plead, ignorantly 

While one percenters dance merrily

Ah, the hilarity of it all 

Designed and destined for a fall

It was fun, while it lasted 

Until China crept right past us 

Trump is bailing, but we aren’t sailing—

Without daddy’s money, he’d be failing 

Luckily, Bezos will sell us safety rafts

If only Goldman could flip that graph 

It’s just zeroes and ones after all 

It’s not as if we’ve lost our lives

No, it will be the lights first,

followed by a soul-shrouding darkness —

A bell will toll . . . screams shriek through the air.

“Shoot the fuckin’ ugly white troll in the face, please!”


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