We aren’t free. while someone’s knee is on our neck, our hands are cuffed, and three others stare silently. Reduced to squirming like worms, we bellow like the day we were born into this unjust world. 

Ignorance and complacency are two of the greatest ills of our society. Fortunately, the prior can be cured through a proper education (public libraries are open most days), and the latter will be shaken-off when vicissitudes afflict a significant segment of the populace. 

Violence and destruction are obvious responses, but we must be cautious, because there are more than sheep and wolves in our midst (e.g., rats, cuckoo birds, and pigs). Action is necessary, but without calculated planning, the likelihood of achieving some semblance of justice is significantly diminished. 

In due time, the social and political complexities of our world will reach a tipping point, then, mobs will flood the streets like never before. The National Guard will be called in, to maintain peace, but an eye-for-an-eye will make the whole world blind. 

Eventually, short of a nuclear apocalypse, humanity will recover. And when the newborns come of age to utter their first queries about our awe-inspiring world — shining before their pure, marble-sized orbs — they’ll ask their parents, “What happened to everybody’s eyes?” 

The parents will swallow, and respond in unison, “We couldn’t see past our differences.”

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