I tried to be a friend and therapist for several creatives; I failed miserably at both. Although there are similar aspects to each role—such as attentive listening and encouragement—there are mutually exclusive traits as well. For friends, one is expected to support them and overlook their disparities—whereas a therapist’s job necessitates analyzing and tearing away cherished beliefs. Friends find the best attributes in one another; holding out hope for a comrade who falls into a pit of despair—a therapist forces an individual to confront their shortcomings; rewiring faulty circuitry. The latter must be sought out by the afflicted—the prior looks for refuge among sympathetic souls. 

Before I began writing, I locked myself away, questioned my existence, and came upon an immutable Truth that resonated with my heart and mind. I thought I could lead my friends towards a similar conclusion, but I fear that I’ve shielded them from the Light for too long; now, it is much too bright for them.

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