Tyler Housley

Welcome to the inside of my mind! 🙂

I guess I’m a “creative” writer—I’m not fond of the designation—but it sounds less pretentious than calling myself a philosopher who writes (even though the latter is closer to the truth). Some of my favorite subjects to write about are marketing, philosophy, psychology; and stories about growing up in the Bay Area.

Tyler Housley Writing Portfolio

I was born and raised in the East Bay, and I graduated from SDSU with a B.A. in Communication in 2013. After graduating, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I set some goals; one of which was to publish something.

So, I read a lot, and started taking writing seriously in 2015; and this is where I put the finished pieces.

Favorite authors: Anton Chekhov, David Foster Wallace, Fernando Pessoa, Jorge Luis Borges, Walter Isaacson, and William H. Gass.

Favorite podcasts: The Tim Ferriss Show, Making Sense, and The Joe Rogan Experience

Any private comments, criticisms, or questions can be directed to [email protected]. Thanks for reading!

Ingenious Illustrators

Alex Rockmon

Soy Alexander, Diseñador Grafico, Ilustrador, amante de la musica, la Ilustracion, y la animacion tanto 2D como 3D y todo lo relacionado con ello.

Works: “Death to Kohler” / “Hipster Heaven” / “Magnanimity” / “Pecking Order”

Ariel Soon

➵ graphic designer + illustrator
➵ kawaii, aesthetic, fan art
➵ shop, youtube, ko-fi, etc.


Works: “Millennial Meditations” / “Where are You Going?” (facial outline)


• artist
• cosplayer
• actual cryptid
– Commissions/Art Trades open!


Works: “Hangry Chickens” / “Let It Out” / “Put on a Show”

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